Reimagine your lifestyle and renovate your home

Property renovation in suffolk

Better resale potential

Personalised living spaces

Make your property work for you

Garage conversion complete in suffolk
new kitchen in extension suffolk
Extension on roof in suffolk

Start Right Property Services offer complete renovation services for homeowners to transform their home. We’re experienced in creating purposeful and well-defined living spaces tailored to our customers unique requirements.


  • Complete property renovation
  • Internal re-modelling
  • Skilled structural work for significant changes
  • Garage conversions
  • Loft conversions

With a focus on understanding our clients’ goals and providing expert advice, our property renovation team ensures the highest standard of workmanship.

Whether it’s an extra guest bedroom you need or a new home office, our friendly team is skilled and dedicated to ensure we create a personalised living space that reflects your style, needs and budget.